it is a daunting prospect to take your employer to a tribunal, or even to file a grievance. this is because as employees or workers we feel we have less bargaining power - an employment contract will invariably require you to follow instructions, and financially you depend on your wage. complaining feels risky.
alex has considerable experience representing claimants from all sectors of work, with recent cases including a high-profile pregnancy discrimination claim against a firm of solicitors; a complaint of racial harassment against a high-profile hairdressers, and a discriminatory dismissal against a construction company.
alex offers advice that takes into account the evidence of comparable cases, and considers accurate valuation and litigation strategy as key elements in how he manages your claim. Alex's focus is always in ensuring you are well-informed about how best to achieve your aims, and the pitfalls along the way. 
alex is happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation if you want to discuss ways in which a direct-access barrister could help you with your dispute

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