I am a specialist employment barrister based at st philips chamber, a top-tier barristers' set in the uk, since 2015 and am licensed and regulated by the uk's bar council and bar standards board.
i have represented clients on both sides of employment disputes, with clients ranging from top surgeons to large banks, major international retailers and trade unions. i have dealt with claims worth only a few thousand to those resulting in awards or settlement in excess of a hundred thousand pounds.
whatever your situation, i offer tailored advice, legal pleadings and representation at all levels. 
i have advised in hundreds of cases, and provided representation at various stages in over a thousand cases, at employment tribunals, in the employment appeal tribunal, and at the court of appeal.
i offer clear up-front pricing, and as a direct-access barrister you can save yourself of your business considerable costs if you come to me directly.

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